jueves, noviembre 27, 2014


100 MOD HITS. . . THE HIGH NUMBERS Zoot Suit FIRST GEAR The In Crowd SMALL FACES Tin Soldier THE BIRDS Leaving Here THE ACTION Never Ever THE ARTWOODS Routine THANE RUSSELL Security THE GAME Gonna Get Me Someone THE UNTAMED My Baby Is Gone THE ATTACK Feel Like Flying CHRIS FARLOWE Out Of Time THE ANGLIANS A Friend Of Mine THE MOVING FINGER Shake&Fingerpop SPENCER DAVIES GROUP I'm A Man THE QUICK Bert's Apple Crumb HIPSTER IMAGE Make Her Mine SMALL FACES Understanding THE EYES I'm Rowed Out THE WHO Little Billy THE CREATION Biff!Bang!Pow! THE ARTWOODS I Take What I Want THE ROULETTES Bad,Bad Time THE ATTACK We Dont Know THE AFEX She's Got The Time THE FERRIS WHEEL I Can't Break The Habit THE CLAYTON SQUARES Come and Get It JIMMY JAMES&THE VAGABONDS Ain't Love Good,Ain't Love Proud GARY FARR&THE T-BONES Get The Money THE CARNABYS Jump and Dance THE FAIRIES Get Yourself Home BO STREET RUNNERS Bo Street Runners THE REBEL ROUSERS As I Look THE ZOMBIES She Does Everything For Me THE WHO I Can't Explain THE CREATION Making Time THE EYES The Inmediate Pleasure THE FALLING LEAVES She Loves To Be Loved THE PUSSYFOOT Mr.Hyde LOS CANARIOS Get On Your Knees THE ANIMALS Club A Go Go GRAHAM BOND ORGANIZATION Little Girl PHASE 4 Listen To The Blues THE FLYING MACHINE Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long GENO WASHINGTON&RAM JAM BAND Water SMALL FACES Get Yourself Together THE MODE What You Been Doing PICADILLY LINE Gone,Gone,Gone EXPLOSIVE Step Out Of Line THE COURIERS Take Away HARDIN&YORK Little Miss Blue THE SHE-TRINITY Climb That Tree THE ARTWOODS Keep Lookin THE YOUNG IDEA Gotta Get Out The Mess I'm In THE SOUNDS OF JIMMY NICOL Bin Bam THE RO-D-YS Looking For Something Better ANNE BRIGHT Concerning Love THE FAVOURITE SONS Walkin,Walkin,Walkin THE WHO In The City THE CRAIG Ready,Steady,Let's Go THE INCROWD I'll Be Free THE BIRDS How Can It Be THE ANGLOS Incense KATCH 22 Baby Love SOUL PURPOSE Hip Huggin Mini BRIAN AUGER Break It Up ZEN Get Me Down THE ARTWOODS Big City JORGE QUEROL Y LOS GO GO Rudy Enamorado AMEN CORNER If Paradise is Half As Nice THE BIRDS No Good Without You THE FIRING SQUAD Bull Moose THE MINISTRY OF SOUND White Collar Worker THE MIKE STUART SPAN Still Nights PETE KELLY'S SOLUTION If Your Love Don't Swing MIKE LESLIE Right Or Wrong STEVE AND THE BOARD The Giggle Eyed Goo SUN DRAGON Peacock Dress THE FIRE Father Name Is Dad THE SHARONS I Can't Live PHILIP GOODHAND TAIT It's A Lie THE BETTER DAYS Here' tis THE EASYBEATS Lay Me Down and Die THE PEACEFUL COALITION False Alarm Love THE SHY GUYS Black Lightning Light THE GODS Baby's Rich FOCAL POINT Sycamore Sid THE TWILIGHTS Comin On Down THE FACTORY Gone CROCHETED DOUGHNUT RING Maxine's Parlour HONEYBUS Tender Are The Ashes THE BEATLES She's A Woman THE ROLLING STONES I'm Free THE KINKS I Need You WORLD OF OZ The Muffin Man KATE Sweet Little Thing THE TIKIS Little Miss Lovelight SCIENCE POPTION You've Got Me High THE FLIES Magic Train CLOUDS Heritage THE EQUALS The Skies Above KAPLAN Do You Believe In Magic ST.LOUIS UNION Think About Me THE EYES OF BLUE Heart Trouble THE WARDS OF COURT How Could You Say One Thing THE GOOD VIBRATIONS In The Good Bad Old Days


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Voy a elaborarme el disco y ya os comentaré qué sale. En principio, tiene buena pinta, aunque estas cosas ya se sabe: son muy subjetivas...

8:19 a. m.  

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